MagSafe Battery Packs Are Officially a Thing

By Tyler Pierce Jan 21, 21

Charge Fast Power Pack Air | $65 | Charge Fast

When the iPhone 12 made its debut last year, Apple celebrated the return-in-name-only of MagSafe, a feature that allows accessories to attach to the back of the phone without any sort of connector cable. So, things like Apple’s fancy new leather wallet with MagSafe support can snap onto the back of your phone, either directly or onto a MagSafe-friendly case. It also allows you to magnetically charge your phone with a MagSafe cable, if you’d rather not have a big ol’ wireless charging stand hog up your nightstand.

With budding accessories like the Charge Fast MagSafe Power Pack Air, you can even skip the bulk of a battery case or power bank while still giving your phone enough juice to get through a long day. The Air, which houses a 5,00mAh battery, magnetically snaps onto the back of any iPhone 12 model, and recharges your phone’s battery—it even works if you’ve got a case that supports MagSafe, so you don’t have to peel it off every time you need a little extra power.

Speaking of power, it’s got plenty to spare, too. If you’ve got an iPhone 12 Pro Max, you’ll get an extra 1.3x charges out of the Air. The 12 Pro can get a 1.6x boost, while the 12 can get up to 1.7x additional charges, and the 12 Mini can be charged up to two additional times on a single charge from the Air.

At $65, it’s not cheap, but it’s unlikely that Apple will get rid of the MagSafe standard any time soon, so you can probably carry this pack with you to your next phone if you’re on the yearly upgrade cycle. You can pre-order the Power Pack Air from Charge Fast’s site now and even save up to 25% if you buy more than one. Shipments are expected to go out as soon as January 25, so keep an eye on your doorstep for a shiny new trinket to slap on the back of your phone in the coming days.

Written by Tyler Pierce